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I just read 166 pages of your blog and im absolutly inspired, i literally couldnt stop. You seem like the most beautiful person ever, your responses to people are absolutly amazing for your age. People that write against you anonymously just prove to everyone else their attitude towards you; jealousy. Dont ever doubt the person you are, being beautiful on the outside isnt everything, and i truly mean that, i can understand why people want to be pysically attractive and thats reasonable, but having a beautiful personality is and always will be better than having a beautiful face. I know i often choose guys based on looks, but once i truly get to know who they are i base my opinions on their personality, i couldnt stay with someone if they were horrible and thats much the same for others. You have made my day that much better, looking through your blog has brought tears to my eyes. Recently i used to doubt my existense, and why i even had a place on earth, because i lost someone i truly loved i doubted myself completly and i wanted them back more than anything, i was on the verge of leaving. But now i realise they werent what i wanted or what i needed and im happier than ever. What im trying to get at is that you shouldnt doubt yourself for your looks, your personality is stunning. I dont know you but i already love you. so thankyou so much. xxxx

I LOVE YOU! you are such an amazing person, I didnt publish the message because I want it in my ask forever. And ever. Best message ever, no jokes. <3

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